Westward School


Drama and Music are taught by specialist teachers to encourage confidence and performance skills.


Pupils from Year 1 – 2 have the opportunity to take part in external speech examinations for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Pupils in Years 3, 4 & 6 take part in the English Speaking Board examinations (ESB).

Our results in both LAMDA and ESB examinations are outstanding.

Pupils in Year 5 work towards their 'Interview Technique' examination in the summer term in preparation for the senior school exams/interviews.

Developing children’s self esteem is a high priority at Westward and we encourage our pupils to become involved in all aspects of school life.

Concerts are held regularly in the Early Years, the Lower and Upper School. In addition, the school celebrates the festivals of Christmas and Easter at St. Andrew's Church. A Remembrance Day assembly is held annually, led by the year 6 pupils.


Westward aims to provide an environment where music is fun and an integral part of life, therefore stimulating a love of music. 

Our music includes singing, percussion, musical appreciation, improvisation and performance skills. Children in Years 2, 3 and 4 learn the recorder and many children take individual lessons in voice, woodwind, guitar, violin and piano.

Our flourishing choir has performed at Senior Citizens' homes, The Walton Festival of Light event and the Surrey Schools' Concert and the Woking Festival. The orchestra also performs regularly at our Christmas and Easter services which are held at St Andrew's Church.


Art is an integral part of the curriculum at Westward. Children's creativity and imagination are improved by experimenting with practical activities throughout the school years.

In the Early Years children are provided with opportunities to explore and share their ideas through different art forms, including paint, drawing and collage whilst using a variety of materials. They build on these early experiences throughout Lower and into Upper School experiencing more complex activities which enable them to confidently apply a wide range of techniques and skills. 

In Years 5 and 6, an Art Scholarship Group (comprising of pupils who have been identified as having potential artistic talent) meet on a weekly basis to work towards producing an art portfolio for their senior school entry. 

In the five years the Art Scholarship Group has been running, Westward are very proud to have been awarded ten art scholarships from leading independent schools. 

Children's artwork is celebrated around the school and displayed in external Art Exhibitions.  

We have entered the ISA Regional Art Competition for the last three years and have performed extremely well.

In 2013 Westward pupils were awarded with a 1st place in the EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Drawing section and a 2nd place in the Key Stage 2 Textiles section. 

In 2014 Westward pupils were awarded 1st and 2nd places in the Sketchbook category and a Highly Commended in both the Key Stage 2 Drawing category and also in the 2D Art section. 

In November 2014 a Westward Pupil was awarded 1st place in the Sketchbook category at the ISA National Art Competition. 

In 2015 Westward pupils were awarded 2nd place in the 2D Painting category and a Highly Commended in the Sketchbook category.

In 2017 Westward received a 2nd place in the KS2 Drawing category and another pupil was highly commended in the 3D section.