Westward School


We aim to develop children’s enjoyment, confidence and skills  and introduce them to the pleasures of sport, now and in the future.

Physical education promotes personal, social, intellectual and physical skills and at Westward we aim to  foster co-operation, tolerance and self esteem.

Our school aims to promote an enjoyment of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and children engage in physical activity from the Early Years upwards. 

Football, netball, rounders, basketball, hockey, cricket, tag rugby, swimming and athletics are taught in the Upper School. These sports give the children the opportunity to learn relevant skills and elements of teamwork and competition.

All the year groups have weekly sports sessions at school.  In addition, pupils in Years 3,4,5 & 6 attend Walton Xcel Leisure Centre and The Hub for a weekly three hour session where they swim under the guidance of the qualified pool coaches and enjoy further sports in the Sports Hall and Astroturf areas. As from September 2017 classes will also use the Walton Hub to develop athletic skills.These include starts, sprints, long distance running over 400m, long jump, ball throwing and relay.

Pupils in the Upper School have the opportunity to play in school teams which include football, tag rugby, hockey, rounders, tennis, swimming and netball. These encourage healthy competition and team spirit.

The School is extremely active in the ISA sports competitions. We have achieved both regional and national success over the last six years. We have Swimming, Athletics and Art National Champions.


ISA U11 Backstroke National Swimming Champion

ISA Regional Athletics Champions in the U10 Boys and Girls Long Jump

U11 Hampton 5-a-Side Football Tournament Winners

ISA Regional Netball Silver Medalists


ISA U11 National Swimming Champion in the Relay

ISA Regional Athletics Champions in the U10 Long Jump, Ball Throwing and the U11 Boys Relay

ISA Regional Netball Silver Medalists

ISA U11 Regional Football Winners

ISA U11 Regional Rounders Winners 


ISA U11 East Triathlon Winner

ISA U11 Regional Netball Bronze Medalists

ISA Regional Athletics Champion in the U9 Long Jump


ISA U9 Regional Swimming Champions in the Relay

ISA U10 National Schools' Triathlon Champion

ISA Regional Athletics Champions in the U9 Girls 4 x 100m Relay


ISA National Long Jump Champion - Yr 5

ISA National 60m Champion

National Tennis Champion - Surrey U10 Team


ISA National Swimming Champion - Backstroke - Year 5

ISA National Athletics Champion - Long Jump - Year 6

ISA National Athletics Champion - Long Jump - Year 5

ISA National Athletics Champion - 75m - Year  5

In addition to the above successes our pupils were awarded many individual/team silver and bronze medals in both the ISA regional swimming and athletics events.

We have run a successful annual Westward netball tournament for many years and always look for opportunities to broaden our pupils interest in sport.

We also have several inter-house tournaments during the year in which pupils are provided with an opportunity to showcase their skills.