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Please be advised that we have decided to close the Nursery and will concentrate on Reception upwards from the end of the 19 - 20 academic year.


In Nursery school starts at 8:30am and finishes at 3:15pm. Please drop off and collect your child punctually. 

The school bell rings at 8:45am and the register is taken in class at the beginning of the morning session. Please can you ensure your child arrives for school on time, as the morning carpet session is such an important part of the school day and sets the scene for the days activities. 

The children are dismissed at the end of their session by their class teacher from the front door. If there are children who are not collected they will stay with a member of the Early Years team. Please let the school know if you are delayed in anyway to reduce any anxiety for your child. Telephone messages left on the answer phone are listened to at regular intervals during the day.

A list of whole school dates and events is available on this website for each term. Please ensure you make a note of important dates relating to your child. Newsletters are added weekly informing you of activities and events for the week.

Children are provided daily with a drink of milk and a selection of  fruit and vegetables in the Nursery class  snack area. We ask the children to bring in a water bottle which we will fill with water as and when required. We ask parents for a small donation of £1:50 to provide the snack. This can be paid weekly or termly to the class teacher. Cash only please.  This money is also used for cooking and science activities, along with parties that are held throughout the school year.

Please note we are a nut and kiwi fruit free school.

Lunch is at 12:00pm until 1:00pm.  Some children will go home at 12:00pm and will be dismissed from the front door. The children in Nursery who are staying for lunch, are served at the table and are able to stay for as long as needed to eat their lunch.  They will have a dedicated member of staff looking out for them in the lunch hall. As they finish their lunch they will go into the Early Years outside classroom accompanied by a supervisor who will encourage healthy social interaction and activities. 

All children at Westward are encouraged to have a school dinner and packed lunches are discouraged. Allergies and food intolerances are catered for by the caterers. If you are at all concerned about whether your child is eating their school lunch, please come and have a chat with the Early Years staff. 

Our caterers are Thomas Franks and the menus change weekly and can be found on the schools website. Any problems concerning school lunches should be discussed with our Head Chef Jason.

No jewellery or watches are permitted. No money or valuables should be brought to School. If it is unavoidable then such items should be given to a member of the Early Years staff for safe keeping. Sweets and chocolate are not permitted.


We encourage independence and self-management from the very start at Westward and whilst we always make time to support this development, seeing the children's sense of pride and self-satisfaction in being able to accomplish these tasks is wonderful. 

You can support your child by reminding them that

  • Coats on their pegs (names on EVERYTHING please)
  • Home Message books in the small box and Book bags in the big box
  • Newsletters and other letters will put in book bags-please check their bags and Home Message books every afternoon.
  • Please let us know (and them) if they are being collected by another relative or attending after school club etc


Arrangements for collection of children should be noted with telephone numbers. The Early Years staff should be informed of any changes in rotas or if a child is to go home with someone else. Nannies, au pairs etc should be introduced to the class teacher.

We will not allow children to leave School with people we do not know. 

Please do not park on the zig-zag lines or obstruct neighbours’ driveways. Please do not enter the school car park. The grassed area is the safest place to wait with your child, if collecting other children. Please discourage your child from climbing on the wall and playing in the car park.



All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name. This includes shoes and trainers. Trainers should be black or white and Velcro is preferable.  A complete change of clothing should be named and kept in your child’s pigeon hole, especially pants and socks, in case of the odd mishap.

All children should have a School book bag. All uniform is available from Alleycatz Ltd https://www.alleycatz.co.uk/ 


All parents wishing for their children to be given medicine must complete a green Administering Medicines Authorisation Form obtainable from your class teacher, giving their consent in writing for medicine etc to be administered. This applies to inhalers. 


Parents are asked to look at the “Home Message Book” daily. All messages must be signed. Parents may use the book to write any messages to the teacher. Please write messages at the front of the book. At the back of the book parents are asked to write contact numbers, work numbers etc. so that we will be able to get in touch in case of illness or emergency.


There will be an Open morning every half term. This will be a chance for your child to show you their environmaent and have a look  at the work your child has been doing. It is also an opportunity to ask the team any questions you may have. You will also receive a written progress report in December and a full written report at the end of their time in Nursery. These reports are given to you at the termly Parent Consultations, which are held over the last few weeks of term, at your convenience.

Outside these consultations, we offer an open door policy.