Westward School

Remote Learning Policy



  1. Aims
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Who to contact
  4. Data protection
  5. Safeguarding
  6. Monitoring arrangements
  7. Links with other policies


1. Aims 

This remote learning policy for staff aims to:

  •  Ensure consistency in the school’s approach to remote learning
  •   Set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to     remote learning
  •   Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection 


2. Roles and responsibilities

2.1 Teachers

In the event of a part or full school closure or a pupil is in self isolation, the school will revert to remote learning via the wwsch.net, Google Apps for Education, Google Meet and Classroom apps.

Teachers must be available between 9am and 3.30pm. If they’re unable to work for any reason during this time, for example due to sickness or caring for a dependent, they should report this using the normal absence procedure. Please contact the office before 08.00am.


Teachers are responsible for:

  •  Setting up a remote learning timetable for their class or individual pupils. To include a mixture of face to face remote learning sessions through the ‘Google Meet’ app and additional activities set within the ‘Google Classroom’, appropriate to the age range you are teaching. (All timetables must be agreed by the Headteacher)
  • Following the class timetable and planning and delivering lessons via either face to face remote learning sessions or activities set within the Google Classroom.
  • All learning activities for the week ahead must be scheduled within the Google Classroom in advance. In case of illness it is suggested that all learning material is planned at least a week in advance. 
  • Ensure that the Headteacher and senior members of staff have been invited into your classroom. They can then support you and help answer any parental curriculum enquiries. The Headteacher will also monitor the learning content.
  • Following the ‘remote learning session’ teacher protocols when delivering remote learning sessions.
  • Remember to ensure that you are wearing professional dress for remote learning sessions and that you are working with a neutral background behind you.
  • One to one remote sessions must be discussed and approved by the Headteacher to assess any risks. This could be required, to provide pastoral care or provide support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Helpful solutions may involve including a parent or additional staff member on the call.
  • Provide feedback to pupils about their work. This may be via comments in the Google Classroom, email or pupil workbooks returned to school.
  • Keeping in touch with both pupils and parents is really important. When emailing parents with weekly updates please ensure that you use the BCC option. We must continue to follow the GDPR rules and keep personal information private and secure.
  • Ensure school email accounts are used for all correspondence.
  • All emails received from parents should be answered during work hours.
  • Any concerns or complaints must be shared with the Headteacher who will advise how to respond.
  • For safeguarding concerns see the safeguarding addendum attached to the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and relevant sections below.

2.2 Senior leaders

Alongside any teaching responsibilities, senior leaders are responsible for:

  • Coordinating the remote learning approach across the school.
  • Alerting teachers to resources they could use for remote learning.
  • Working with teachers to make sure that the work set is appropriate and consistent.
  •  Monitoring the effectiveness of remote learning – Regular contact will take place with teachers through the Google Staffroom and staff meetings via the Google Meet app, reviewing work set or reaching out for feedback from pupils and parents.
  • Setting up and leading remote staff meetings.
  • Monitoring the security of remote learning systems, including data protection and safeguarding considerations.
  • Emailing and keeping parents informed about Coronavirus update messages from the Government, the DfE and/or the Local Authority.

2.3 Designated safeguarding lead

The DSL will follow the guidelines set out in the addendum to the School’s Child Protection and Safeguarding policy -  COVID-19 School Closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Westward School.

Westward School has a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and a Deputy DSL.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Shelley Stevenson


The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Kelly Callaby and Sharon Drislane


The optimal scenario is to have a trained DSL (or deputy) available on site. Where this is not the case a trained DSL (or deputy) will be available to be contacted via phone or online video - for example when working from home.


Where a trained DSL (or deputy) is not on site, in addition to the above, a senior leader will assume responsibility for coordinating safeguarding on site. 


This might include updating and managing access to child protection systems and liaising with the offsite DSL (or deputy).


It is important that all staff and volunteers have access to a trained DSL (or deputy). On each day, the staff on site will be made aware of who that person is and how to contact them.


The DSL will continue to engage with social workers, and attend all multi-agency meetings, which can be done remotely. 

2.4 Online Safety Coordinator and Office Manager

Mr Evans and Mrs Volante will be on hand to support both staff, parents and pupils with remote learning.

  •  Helping staff and parents with any technical issues they’re experiencing.
  •  Reviewing the security of systems and flagging any data protection breaches to the data protection officer.
  •  Assisting pupils and parents with accessing the internet or devices.
  • Ensuring online learning agreements have been signed by both parents, pupils and staff.
  • Ensuring parents complete the correct paperwork if taking part in the Chromebook borrowing scheme.
  • Emailing regular online safety messages to parents/carers to reinforce the importance of children staying safe online. 

2.5 Pupils and parents

Staff can expect pupils to:

  • Take part in the remote learning sessions provided by the class teacher.
  • Complete work within the Google Classroom to the deadline set by teachers.
  • Seek help if they need it, from teachers.
  • Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work.

Staff can expect parents to:

  • Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work.
  • Seek help from the school if they need it.
  • Be respectful when making any complaints or concerns known to staff.

2.6 Proprietor

The Proprietor is responsible for:

  •    Monitoring the school’s approach to providing remote learning to ensure education remains as high quality as possible.
  •   Ensuring that staff are certain that systems are appropriately secure, for both data protection and safeguarding reasons.


3. Who to contact

If staff have any questions or concerns, they should contact the following individuals:

If you have any issues with setting work, behaviour, own workload or well being please contact a member of the senior management team.

Lower School - Mrs Kelly Callaby

Upper School - Mrs Shelley Stevenson 

For issues with IT or concerns about data protection please contact Mr Johnnie Parkhurst

For concerns about safeguarding please contact the DSL


4. Data protection

4.1 Accessing personal data

When accessing personal data, all staff members will work within their allocated wwsch.net Google account and drive.

4.2 Sharing personal data

Staff members may need to collect personal data such as email addresses as part of the remote learning system. While this may be necessary, staff are reminded to collect and/or share as little personal data as possible online.

4.3 Keeping devices secure

All staff members will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •  Keeping the device password-protected – strong passwords are at least 8 characters, with a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. asterisk or currency symbol)
  •  Ensuring the hard drive is encrypted – this means if the device is lost or stolen, no one can access the files stored on the hard drive by attaching it to a new device
  •  Making sure the device locks if left inactive for a period of time
  •  Not sharing the device among family or friends
  • Installing antivirus and antispyware software
  •   Keeping operating systems up to date – always install the latest updates


5. Safeguarding

Any safeguarding concerns should be immediately reported to the DSL who is also the Headteacher. (See addendum in the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy -  COVID-19 School Closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Westward School).

6. Monitoring arrangements

This policy will be reviewed regularly by Mrs Shelley Stevenson. At every review, it will be approved by the senior management team.

7. Links with other policies

This policy is linked to our:

  Behaviour policy

 Home School Agreement

Staff Code of Conduct

 Child protection and safeguarding policy and coronavirus addendum to our child protection and safeguarding policy

  Data protection policy and privacy notices

  Online safety policy

 Remote learning agreements for staff, pupils and parents



Last updated August 2021