Westward School

Transition to Year 1 - Notes for Parents


Entry into school in the morning is via the Double Gate where Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Callaby will be ready to greet you from 8.30 a.m. All children from this age should be confident enough to come into School independently.

If you arrive before 8.30 a.m. you may choose to use the Breakfast Club facilities in the hall. Breakfast Club starts from 7.30 a.m.

Year 1 children go into the playground where there are members of the Westward staff on duty from 8.30 a.m. until the bell is rung at 8.45am.

The children will line up when the second bell is rung and the class teacher will come and collect them from the playground each morning and escort them into class.

The children need to remember to hang all their book bags, P.E kits etc. on their peg before they go into the playground in the morning as the classroom will be locked for safety and security reasons.

Dismissal is from the double gate at 3.20pm.

The children will be handed over one by one by the class teacher to the named person/s for collection. 

Arrangements for collection of children should be noted with telephone numbers at the front of the home message book. The Year 1 teacher should be informed via the home message book of any changes in routines or if a child is to go home with someone else. Nannies, au pairs etc. should be introduced to the class teacher.

We will not allow children to leave School with people we do not know.

Telephone messages left on the answer phone will be listened to at regular intervals during the day.

Useful email addresses

School Office: admin@westwardschool.co.uk

Headteacher's email address: sstevenson@westwardschool.co.uk




Parents are asked to look at the “Home Message Book” daily. All messages must be signed. Parents may use the book to write any messages to the teacher. Please write messages at the front of the book.

At the front of the book parents are asked to write contact numbers, work numbers etc. so that we will be able to get in touch in case of illness or emergency.


If medicine needs to be given during the day it should be handed to the school office with clear instructions written on the Medicine Authorisation Form obtainable from the office. Please do not ask for aspirin based products to be given.


Children in Year 1 go out to play at break times and lunch times in the big playground with Reception and Year 2. They are always supervised by at least one member of staff.

The children have a choice of equipment to play with at break times and lunch times such as bean bags, skipping ropes, soft balls, quoits and stilts.

The children are encouraged to play together and develop their friendships.    


Children in Year 1 need to bring in their own snack to School daily. Children may bring in a piece of fruit, small portion of fruit in a labelled box or alternatively a small sandwich or crackers. PLEASE NO CHOCOLATES OR CRISPS.

Alternatively their is a healthy snack shop run by the school caterers at playtimes.

Your child should have their own named plastic bottle of water in the classroom, this will be refilled as required.


In Year 1 the children get the opportunity to begin to use the main school library. They can choose a fiction book from the infant section or a non-fiction book.

The children will be taught at the beginning of the Autumn Term how to use the library system and the times it is open. It is up to them how often they wish to change their book but they must return the book they have taken out before they will be issued with a new one.

The library opening times are as follows;

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes.

Please be aware that the non-fiction section of the library contains books catering for the age range 5 to 11. The library monitors and adult helpers will do their best to steer the children in the right direction to choose an appropriate book but on occasions an inappropriate one might be chosen. If this does happen please return the book to School and we will endeavour to find a more suitable one.

To begin with children usually choose books from the infant fiction section.


All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name. This includes shoes and trainers.


In Year 1, the children will need to wear P.E kit to School on PE days. Your child's teacher will inform you which days this is required.  This will be shorts, T-shirts, gym shoes, track-suit tops and bottoms. They need not bring school uniform to change back into but can wear outdoor shoes and bring trainers with them if the weather is wet.


There are a variety of clubs on offer for Year 1 children. Exact days and times will be confirmed at the beginning of the Autumn term. If your child is interested in joining a club please do let the school office know.


Particular care should be taken with reading books and text books which are brought home. School books are printed in rather short runs and quickly go out of print. Sometimes this means that when one or two books are lost a whole class set becomes unusable. In the event of a mislaid book a donation of £5 will be requested to purchase a replacement copy. Children should put their books straight back in their School bags as soon as they have finished their homework etc.


Homework is set according to age and year group. It is generally a reinforcement of class work and should ideally be the child’s own effort with your guidance.

If a child needs a much longer time to complete the work or experiences difficulty the teacher should be informed via the home message book.

You will be advised about the weekly homework at the start of the Autumn term.


These are generally sent out at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms and there is a Parents' Evening in the Spring term. However parents should not wait for an official Parents' Evening if they or their child has a concern. Teachers are happy to see parents before or after school whenever the need arises. There will be an opportunity to attend a curriculum evening at the start of the Autumn Term and informally meet the teachers during the first half of the Autumn term in Lower School.


This is firm but not rigid. Good manners are expected at all times. Discipline problems would be discussed with a parent at an early stage.

Children will be rewarded in Year 1 for their efforts in a variety of different ways such as stickers, special certificates, star of the week awards etc.


Art overalls and classroom equipment such as pencils and rubbers will be supplied by the school.