Westward School

Years 2 - 6 Notes for Parents



Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Callaby will greet pupils and parents each morning when the double gate opens at 8.30am.

The children will then hang up their belongings and make their way into the main playground where members of the Westward staff will be on duty until the bell rings at 8.45a.m. 

Breakfast club runs from 7.30a.m. - 8.30a.m in the school hall.

Entry to Breakfast Club is via the double gate. There is a bell to ring and a member of the staff will welcome you and escort your child to the Breakfast Club facilities.


Telephone messages left on the answer phone will be listened to at regular intervals during the day.

Useful email addresses

School Office: admin@westwardschool.co.uk

Headteacher's email address: sstevenson@westwardschool.co.uk

Bursar's email address: jparkhurst@westwardschool.co.uk

Breakfast Club email address: admin@westwardschool.co.uk

After School Club email address info@pleiadesleisure.com

All reservations and cancellations must be made via these email addresses.


At morning break children may bring in a small portion of fruit, vegetables or bread in a named container. They also have the option to purchase fruit and vegetables from the kitchen snack shop that is open at playtime. Prices advised at the beginning of term.


There are water fountains in the playground for pupils to have a drink of water at break times and playtimes. Small water bottles can be refilled for classroom use.

Water is also available during lunch sessions in the school hall.


Children in Year 2 may have a drink of milk daily during morning break if they wish.


School Caterers - Thomas Franks

Any matters regarding school lunches should be discussed with the Chef Manager in person or email: catering@westwardschool.co.uk



If medicine needs to be administered during the day it should be handed in at the school office with clear instructions written on the green 'medicine authorisation form'. Please do not ask for any aspirin based products to be administered.

A member of the office staff will administer all medicines at the time stated on the signed medical form.


Parents are asked to look at the Home Message Book (Year 2), Homework Diary (Years 3 and 4) daily. All messages must be signed. Parents may use the book to write any messages.


Please make sure you write your contact numbers, work numbers etc. at the back of the book.


Parents may also send in individual letters or messages via the school email or the class teacher's email addresses.


All Home Message Books in Year 2 are taken in daily and checked for messages.


Once the children move into the Upper School (Years 3 - 6) they are expected to take on more responsibility and show their teacher parental messages first thing in the morning.


Years 5 and 6 do not have an individual homework diary. You will be given an index card at the beginning of the year to write down your emergency contact details and this will be kept by the class teacher. Parents may send in individual letters or messages via the school or class teacher's email address.


All teachers in the Upper School are contactable via email. You will be provided with the class teachers email address at the beginning of the school year.



Arrangements should be noted with telephone numbers. Teachers should be informed of any changes in rotas or if a child is going home with someone else.  Please introduce Nannies and au pairs to the class teacher.


We will not allow children to leave school with people we do not know.






If you need to collect your child during school hours, please wait in the porch area for safeguarding reasons and he or she will be brought to you by a member of staff.

 Year 6 children are allowed to walk home in the summer term to encourage independence and road safety but only with permission from the Headteacher. Parents must fill in and sign a 'Walking to/from School' form.

Should you wish to speak to a teacher please wait until all the other children in the class have been dismissed.


We can only dismiss to known parents or adults.


Please do telephone the school and leave a message if you know you are going to be late to collect your child.




All clothing and belongings should be CLEARLY MARKED with the child’s name. This includes shoes and trainers.

Regulation uniform is available from;


Claremont House

34 Molesey Road



KT12 4RQ


Tel: 01932 221883


No jewellery is permitted except small stud earrings and named watches.


No jewellery and watches to be worn in the Upper School on a Thursday. Earrings must not be worn for sport.


Money, valuables, sweets or toys should not be brought to school.


Timetabled P.E Sessions on the School Premises



Pupils are expected to wear their PE kit to school on the days that they have PE.

The class teacher will let you know during the curriculum evening held in the first week of the Autumn term which days you child/ren need to come dressed in PE kit.

 Pupils in the Upper School (Years 3/4/5 & 6)  also attend Athletics at The Hub/Swimming/Sports at Xcel Leisure Centre every Thursday.


 All children in the Upper School wear their PE kit to school every Thursday.


Please ensure all children are wearing their school tracksuit and trainers (or similar) to school. Underneath their tracksuit they should wear the following:


  • (Boys) - School shorts and maroon/navy polo shirt (Autumn/Spring/Summer)
  • (Girls) - School maroon/navy polo shirt and netball skort
  • School maroon socks (girls and boys)


Pupils can wear maroon/navy base layers when the weather is cold.


All children should have the following items in their PE bag:

  • Swim bag
  • School regulation navy swimwear
  • House colour swim hat for girls
  • Goggles (if required)
  • Towel
  • Bottle of water


At the beginning of each term each child will be assessed by the XCEL swimming teachers and their levels established.


Please ensure that your child is not wearing his or her swimming costume to school underneath the tracksuit. It is part of the National Curriculum requirements for children to be able to dress and undress themselves and we are required to follow this procedure.


All children swim and participate in the swimming and PE sessions each week unless there is a letter or email from parents to say otherwise.


Please note that no jewellery should be worn to school on a Thursday. Pupils will not be allowed to swim if they are wearing earrings due to health and safety considerations. Long hair should be tied back.


Athletics will take place at the Elmbridge Sports Hub on a Thursday before the XCEL session. 


When we are offsite, the children should look smartly dressed in the correct uniform.




If your child is selected for a team, he or she will receive a letter outlining all the details of the fixture. You are asked to complete the attached parental consent form and return it as soon as possible. Transport is either by coach, when you will be asked to make a contribution, or organised in cars by another parent.

Supporters are always welcome.





Pupils in Years 2, 3 & 4 will have recorder session as part of their music curriculum time. These sessions will give pupils the opportunity to explore and develop their music notation reading, listening and performance skills.

Descant recorders can be purchased from the school office or from most musical instrument retailers, including ABC Music in Esher. We recommend that you purchase either a Yamaha or Aulos descant recorder for your child.

Year 3 pupils upwards may audition for the school choir. Audition details will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

Pupils in Years 5 & 6 learn to play the ukulele. 


Particular care should be taken with reading books and text books which are brought home. School books are printed in rather short runs and quickly go out of print. Sometimes this means that when one or two books are lost a whole class set becomes unusable.

If a textbook or reading book is lost a donation of £5 will be requested to replace the lost item.


In Year 2 the children should use a school book bag and from Year 3 upwards a School rucksack. These items are sold by AlleyCatz.


Pupils do not need to bring equipment to school in a pencil case until the Upper School.


Equipment needed by children to be kept in a suitable pencil case.



Two pencils                                 Ruler

Rubber                                         Pencil Sharpener

Glue Stick                                    Colouring pencils



Two 2H or 2HB pencils             A 30cm and 20cm ruler

Rubber                                         Pencil Sharpener

Glue Stick                                    Colouring pencils      



YEARS 4/5/6


Ink pen & blue cartridges – Parker Vector is recommended (available from W.H. Smith)

(Yr 4 upwards once pen licence has been awarded)

Two sharp HB pencils

Colouring pencils

Rubber and barrel sharpener

30cm ruler

Geometry Set to include; protractor, set square, pair of compasses and short ruler

Two glue sticks

Ink eraser pen (Yr 4 upwards once pen licence has been awarded)


Pack of highlighter pens (Yrs 5&6)

Pack of coloured fine liners (Yrs 5 & 6)

Pack of friction pens (Yrs 5 & 6)


In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 your child will be provided with a homework bag.




Art overalls will be supplied by the school.



Homework is set according to age. Time allocation will be advised by the class teacher. If a child takes longer to complete the work or experiences difficulties on a regular basis, please speak to the teacher or use the homework diary.






Meet and Greet Session

(Informal opportunity to

meet the teacher and view work)

Curriculum Evening

(Parent information evening for the year ahead)


Parents' Evening

(Individual appointments

with teacher)


Year 2

Autumn Term

Curriculum Evening

Autumn Term


Parents' Evening

Spring Term

Full Report in Autumn and Summer Terms

Year 3

Autumn Term

Curriculum Evening

Autumn Term


Parents' Evening

Spring Term

* Full report in the Autumn and Summer Term

* Target report in Spring Term

*Test results will be included in each end of term report

Year 4

Autumn Term

Curriculum Evening

Autumn Term


Parents' Evening

Spring Term

*Full report in the Autumn and Summer Term

*Target report in Spring Term

*Test results will be included in each end of term report

Year 5

Autumn Term

Curriculum Evening

Autumn Term


Parents' Evening

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Transition to Year 6 meeting in the Summer Term

*Full report in the Autumn and Summer Term

*Target report in Spring Term

*Test results will be included in each end of term report

Year 6

Parents' Evening

Autumn Term

(Final School Choices)

Year 6 Exam Preparation Meeting


* Senior School Report at the end of the Autumn Term

* Full Report in the Summer Term


Parents should not wait for an official Parents' Evening if they or their child has concerns. Teachers are happy to see parents before or after school whenever the need arises. Appointments may be arranged via the home message book, or by emailing the class teacher.

The class teacher is always the first port of call for any queries or concerns.



Good manners and respect for others are expected at all times. Discipline problems are discussed with a parent at an early stage.


Please refer to the Extra Curricular section of the School website for up to date information about After School Clubs.